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2013 Grant Awardees
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Fall 2013

Marilyn Fishman Grant for Diabetes Research

Marisa Fisher , M.D. – Indiana University
Application of Methylation Speciic PCR in Type 2 Diabetes
Program Director: John Fuqua M.D. and Erica Eugster, M.D.

Wenyan Juang , M.D.– University of Virginia
MicroRNA and Vascular Insulin Resistance
Program Director: Christopher McCartney, M.D

The EFF Endocrine Research Grant

Elaine Cong, M.D. -- Columbia University
Primary Hyperparathyroidism: Cognitive Abnormalities and their Reversibility with Treatment
Program Director: John Bilezikian, M.D.

Licy Yanes Cardozo , M.D. -- University of Mississippi Medical Center
Mechanisms of Testosterone Replacement-Mediated Hyptertension in Obesity Related Hypergonadism
Program Director: Jose Subauste, M.D.

Fellows Development Research Grant Program in Diabetes, Obesity, and Fat Cell Biology
 Flynn Maxfield, M.D., Ph.D. – Northwestern University
Lipid-Induced Inflammation as a Link between Circadian Disruption and Arterial Thrombosis
Program Director: Peter Kopp, M.D

Marilyn Fishman Grant for Diabetes Research

Michael Chu, M.D. – Oregon Health & Science University
Regulation of Adipose Function by GLP-1 and its Metabolites
Program Director: Robert Klein, M.D.

Waleed Janem, M.D. – Women and Children’s Hospital at Buffalo
Identification of Dental Health Markers in Pediatric Subjects With and Without Type 2 Diabetes
Program Director: Kathleen Bethin, M.D., Ph.D.

Marianna Nicoletta-Gentile, D.O. – Children’s Hospital at Montefiore
Characterize the Role of a Novel Mitochondrial Peptide on Glucose Homestasis
Program Director: Rubina Heptulla, M.D.

Kim Nguyen, M.D. – Columbia University
The Predictive Value of Insulin Secretion and Gut Hormones in Improved Glucose Homeostasis Following Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass Surgery versus Intensive Medical and Lifestyle Therapy
Program Director: John Bilezikian, M.D.

The EFF Endocrine Research Grant

Daniel Kort, M.D. – Columbia University
The Effect of Oral Cinnamon Extract on Menstrual Cyclicity in Polycystic Ovary Syndrome
Program Director: Roger Lobo, M.D.

Manasi Sinha, M.D., MPH – Massachusetts General Hospital
Selecting Insulin Analogs for Closed-Loop Control Using Multiplex Pharmacokinetic Profiling
Program Director: Madhu Misra, M.D., MPH

Spring 2013
Marilyn Fishman Grant for Diabetes Research 
The EFF Endocrine Research Grant
Janice Hwang, M.D. – Yale University
Investigating Markers of Energy Metabolism in the CNS and Periphery in Pregnant Women with Varying Degrees of Insulin Resistance
Program Director:  Silvia Inzucchi, M.D.

David Sparling, M.D., Ph.D. – Columbia University
The Role of Notch in Adipogenesis
Program Director: Sharon Oberfield, M.D.

The EFF Endocrine Research Grant

Amy Anderson, D.O.,MPH. -- University of Virginia
Etiologic Factors of Obesity Associated Hyperandrogenemia During Puberty
Program Director:  Christopher McCartney, M.D.

Margaret Lippincott , M.D. – Massachusetts General Hospital
Influence of Sex Steroids on Kisspeptin Physiology
Program Director:  Stephanie Seminara, M.D.

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