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2017 Grant Awardees
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Fall 2017

Marilyn Fishman Grant for Endocrinology Research

Eric Chang, MD - Regents of the University of Michigan
The programming effect of maternal obesity on metabolism and metabolic inflammation

Kristin Favela, MD - Vanderbilt University Medical Center
Effects of ursodeoxycholic acid supplementation on hypothalamic inflammation and metabolic health in a diet-induced obesity mouse model

The Diabetes, Obesity, Metabolism Research Grant

Vanessa Narwani, MD, MS - Mount Sinai Icahn School of Medicine
Receptor Activator of Nuclear Factor Kappa-B (RANK) Ligand (RANKL) Regulation of Hepatic Insulin Resistance and Beta-cell Proliferation and Survival in Type 2 Diabetes

Angeliki Stamatouli, MD - Yale New Haven Hospital
Proposal for testing Electronic Health Record-enabled management of diabetes with Telemedicine

Young Investigator Awards

Anne-Marie Carreau, MD, MSc - University of Colorado Denver-Anschutz Medical Campus

Optimization of an single oral dose of U13C-glycerol tracer to quantify direct and indirect gluconeogenesis, fatty acid synthesis in obese adolescent with and without PCOS.

Spring 2017

Marilyn Fishman Grant for Endocrinology Research

Eric Buras, MD, PhD - University of Michigan
Intra-diaphragmatic adiposity and fibrosis are novel contributors to obesity-induced respiratory dysfunction

Shreela Mishra, MD - University of Virginia
Abnormalities in amylin regulation in pre-type 1 diabetes

The Diabetes, Obesity, Metabolism Research Grant

Hira Ali, MD - University of Pittsburgh
Wnt Modulators in Obesity and Diabetes: Population to Laboratory

Priyanka Iyer, MD - Baylor College of Medicine
Circulating BRAFV600E cell free DNA as a biomarker of response in the management of Anaplastic Thyroid Carcinoma

Nana Esi Kittah, MD - Mayo Clinic
Exendin (9,39) and Satiety After Bariatric Surgery

Joshua Levine, MD, PhD - Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine
Investigation of the molecular mechanism of plasminogen activator inhibitor type-1 regulated glucose tolerance

Asha Pathak, MD - University of Washington
Role of plasma membrane cholesterol in adipocyte chemokine and cytokine gene expression

Ana Perdigoto, MD - Yale University
Immunological and β cell changes in response to checkpoint inhibition

Sophia Yu, MD - Vanderbilt University Medical Center
Effect of exercise on high density lipoprotein-cholesterol composition and function in lean, non-diabetic obese, and diabetic obese adults

Young Investigator Awards

Jing Hughes, MD - Washington University
Glucagon regulation by a novel brown adipose factor

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